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PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:39 am 
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A little soft light, some Seals & Crofts playing "Summer Breeze" in the background... and fish gettin it ON !
It must be spring !

Last week my ancistris were getting frisky in their cave - this week my male is guarding eggs.
the same day I saw that, I saw my gardneri killie's diving into their java moss together...
And earlier this week I saw some unexpected 1" long peacock cichlids ( aulonocara jacobfreibergi "eureka" ) sneak out of the rockwork to grab some baby brine shrimp

It seems the only fish not breeding in my tanks right now are my Ameca splendens -- egglayers breeding, livebearers celibate -- its like the end of Ghostbusters, "Cats and Dogs living together, mass hysteria"... of course I cheat, there are few fish easier to breed than ancistris, gardneri killies, or malawi cichlids...

(and I think the Ameca's prefer Barry White...)

So - anybody else have any fish breeding as the snow melts ?

Part-time fishguy at Uncle Ned's Fish Factory (saturdays)
Currently keeping :
aulonocara jacobfreibergi "eureka"
Ameca splendens
Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus
Fundulopanchax gardneri (aquarium strain)
Scarlet badis (Dario dario)
Black Darter Tetra (Poecilocharax weitzmani )
Marmorkrebs ( Procambarus fallax f. virginalis )
Aspidoras pauciradiatus
Microdevario kubotai
Green Whiptail cat

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